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Knothouse studio & store, Borgergade 17C        

Photo Heidi Lerkenfeldt, Courtesy ARK Journal


Knothouse is a rug design studio & store. All rugs are designed by Knothouse and hand-knotted, by carefully 

selected weavers and artisans in Nepal, with 152,000 knots/m2 using only the finest quality, hand-mapped and spun

Tibetan wool and pure Mulberry silk.

All our designs can be custom made in size, colour and quality. Our lead time is approximately 12 weeks. 

For Knothouse there is almost a poetry about the process of making rugs. The blending of traditional techniques

alongside the harmonious interplay of design, pattern, color, material, texture and craftsmanship all play significant

roles in the ultimate beauty of the product.

Knothouse supports all environmental and ethical aspects of the rug-making process.

The sustainable approach to every step of production is ranging from the hand spinning of the Himalayan wool,

to the use of rainwater for washing and the sun for drying.

Knothouse is a member of GoodWeave; a non-profit organisation supporting to stop child labor in global supply chains.​ You can read more about the organisation and how they work


Knothouse studio & store, Borgergade 17C          

Photos Heidi Lerkenfeldt, Courtesy ARK Journal

Knothouse studio & store is located in the centre of Copenhagen, in a part of what is called Prinsessegården--

the buildings between Adelgade and Dronningens Tværgade. The Princess Court was built in the years 1957-63

in red brick in nine floors by architects Kay Fisker and Svenn Eske Kristensen in collaboration with C.F. Møller Architects, and is today one of the most treasured listed properties of recent times.


Knothouse studio & store, Borgergade 17C          

Photos Heidi Lerkenfeldt, Courtesy ARK Journal

Knothouse is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Please book an appointment for consultancy and interior guidance within the Knothouse collection and qualities. All our designs can be customized in size and colour.

Bettina Gedda

Founder and creative director of Knothouse, Bettina Gedda is a trained graphic designer from the Design School in Kolding and holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, RISD in USA. Her strong interest in architecture and interior design, such as form, colour and materials, has been the starting point for what Bettina Gedda has dealt with both privately and professionally. When Bettina Gedda, after the many years abroad, settled in Copenhagen, arose the idea of ​​starting a rug company therefore also almost by itself, and Knothouse became a reality. 

             "We are working towards a goal of changing people's perception of a rug. The rug should be prioritized as an essential part of the interior just like other furniture. We try to change the perception of the rug by visually displaying it unconventionally in our showroom. By hanging the carpet on the wall, it is experienced differently. It is important from a sustainable perspective to prioritize a rug that will last a lifetime, maybe even passed down as a classic piece of furniture or a work of art".

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